Cooling System Service
  • Cooling system failures is the leading cause of roadside mechanical breakdowns. (US DOT)
  • Antifreeze/coolant gradually loses its protective qualities, allowing corrosion and deposits to form.
  • This build-up chokes off the proper flow of coolant and may lead to overheating, breakdown and costly repairs.
What We Do:
  • Add and circulate VPS Radiator Super Cleaner throughout the entire cooling system to remove deposits, scale, scale and corrosion that causes overheating.
  • fortify coolant with VPS Water Pump Lubricant and Protector to increase cooling efficiency and to reduce wear and corroision.
  • Top off with VPS Radiator Super Sealer to maintain optimal coolant pressure and prevent minor leaks.


  • Helps extend the life of cooling system components, keeps the entire system clean, and functioning as efficiently as possible